Session Zero Demo

by Bad Castle!

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released October 3, 2019


all rights reserved



Bad Castle! Jersey City, New Jersey

Progressive nerd punk with chiptunes from Jersey City, NJ. We dress up in bad costumes.

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Track Name: Wine Shakes
I've got these bags in my eyes I could use to make tea
I've got a box that'll nuke 'em to well
The night's regression is a lesson I didn't learn wisely
Mix it around, watch it all go to hell
It all starts so simple, I'm rolling 'til it boils
I've got time left to kick around
I get carried away in the worries of the day
Panic 'til I hit the bitter ground
It's 3pm and I haven't eaten, I get the shakes
I'm an alcoholic without my wine
I've been typing out my life since I've been awake
I've been so focused, I lost track of time
(Mix it around, watch it all go to hell)
I'll write a thesis on nerve damage while I'm spacing
I check my mug, temperature fell
Drink it down, stomach ache, but my heart is racing
(Mix it around, watch it all go to hell)
Track Name: Cyclone
I've got a boyfriend, a brand new chapter
But he's still in the dark about what comes after my ex
She's trained as an elemental, but he's too experimental
But do they know?
They've got my heart trapped in a cyclone
Caught in a cycle
(You know you've gotta take it, take it out
You gotta tear, tear, tear it up)
Like a cyclone, trapped in a spiral
Like a cyclone, a vicious cycle
Like a cyclone, trapped in a spiral
He's a wish that's gone too far
We're moving stars
It's magic, I fear
She's a dream that's not quite true
I hate the view
After what I've been through
(You're a wish I didn't make yet
I wanted to break ground that's new
But I fell through the sky next to you)
I'm stayin' single, so done with mages
He won't turn me undead, she won't burn the pages again
I'm not digging necromancy, I'm over pyromancy
Oh, what's the use?
(Wind blows me far
Destroying parts
Dropping my guard
Right back to the start)
Track Name: Overworld
"The empire's destitute
We've got no attitude
What's a petty thief to do?
I have lost faith in the Overworld."
"We've got a warrant out for you
A destiny to carry through
Your duty carved into the rune."
"I could never save the Over-"
She thinks you're perfect, and you don't know it,
But I can help you make these changes
Choose your weapon, and with my blessing
We've got one shot, don't waste it!
"Swing your sword over the knife,
Find the fire in your eyes..."
"You haven't sold me on your lies,
Telling me your training's over."
"They've broken through the northern front."
"This petty thief's betrayed my trust!"
"Our destiny has bested us!"
Our enemies have damned the Over-
Wield your weapon, and with my lessons, her faith will not be wasted
I know you're worth it, and you're not perfect,
But we both know the burden's yours alone
So take your weapon, I'll hold them back friend
"Surviving this means nothing if you're gone."

Ready or not, here life comes, it's coming to get you
Track Name: The Fool
I have my charge, my purpose
You sent me out to do this
My knife, my sword, my battle chorus,
It's all upon my back, just like the world
I'll take the charge as all of this unfurls
It's on the eve of conflict,
And we're sharpening our weapons
The general seems nervous
And I'm not ready for what you sent me out to do
But I have to try or fail the ghost of you
Dreading this and more
Staring down dogs of war I dreamed of
Barks and bites aside,
I need your hand to guide my sword and knife
Here comes the charge, I'm sprinting,
My sword, my knife, I'm panting
My enemy in sight, he's grinning
He's on the front line, raring for his war
His armor worn 'cause he's done all this before
"Eyes mirror my bloody blade
I knock you down, you've lost today
You close your eyes, you brace, you pray,
But you're left alone to wallow in defeat!"
He crushed my very soul beneath his feet
I'm losing this and more
I wasn't ready for this war I dreamed of
Cuts and bruises received
I failed your task and your memory
"You're just a thief, you're just a tool
You've demonstrated all the failures of those who trust in you
I am the end, no will can bend
Now run along and hide, be the last to die, my friend"
I'm just a thief, I'm just a tool
I've let down (betrayed) the ones who trusted me, I am a fool
I've met my end, my will will bend
Track Name: Unplug
Unplug your TV set!
Free yourself from the fascist regime, join the revolution, and plug in your mind!
Track Name: Hero Moments
Sitting in a basement with a humble group of misfits
Infatuated with characters and the numbers that compose them
Laughing about times we failed and somehow came out better
Making hero moments to the spirit, not the letter
Think that we're invincible, traversing every obstacle
We don't expect that our defense will break to expectation we can't put to paper
First the rogue went rogue, and the barbarian got civilized
The fighter stopped fighting soon as they realized
All the bills were piling up, they had to start making up the difference
The bard went off to college and the paladin
Took an oath, so one by one, we gave up on the narratives that we wrote
The dungeon master taken prisoner by a dictator they called their boss
And at the end of the night, all the hero moments were lost
I look back on that time, things we thought that we held dear
I yelled at my best friend over rules that weren't clear
Time cut with one another over reputation smothered
Thinking we can't recover what we felt for each other
'Cause we feel when we're here
Yeah, we feel when we're here
I am dying to be near, but the prospect it fills me with fear
(Choir of the bards in the back, they're singing)

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